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Work programme

 Work plan

The work plan of ReCosy comprises a combination of the bottom-up and top-down approaches, addressing both key issues for long term safety and key scientific questions.

Topics covered by ReCosy:

a) The development of advanced determination methods of redox states

b) Database for interpretating the impact of microbial processes on the redox state of the system and radionuclides

c) Understanding the processes responsible for the redox control and the response to redox disturbances in the near- and far-field

d) Redox processes that are responsible for spent fuel source term and mobility of redox sensitive radionuclides

e) Tools and models for application of the acquired knowledge to Performance Assessment/the Safety Case.




 Structure of the work program

The scientific-technical work program is structured along six Research Technological Development workpackages (WP1-6). They cover near-field and far-field aspects as well as relevant host-rocks considered in Europe.

WP 1: Harmonization of work program and implications of redox for the Safety Case
WP 2: Development of redox determination methods
WP 3: Redox response of defined and near-natural systems
WP 4: Redox reactions of radionuclides
WP 5: Redox processes in radionuclide transport
WP 6: Redox reactions affecting the spent fuel source-term  

There is also one workpackage on knowledge management and dissemination and training (WP7).

WP 7: Knowledge management and dissemination & training  

The last workpackage is on “Project Management” (WP8)

WP 8: Project Management  

Workpackage 1 deals with documentation and regularly up-dates the overall project outcome for its implementation in the Safety Case.
RTD workpackages 2-6 contain scientific technical work of the project. Workpackage 7 covers communication and dissemination of knowledge, as well as training and education.
Workpackage 8 contains the administrative management issues.

Workpackage 8



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