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Job opportunities

 Graduate in Geology or Chemistry, geochemistry specialist.

Job description: The type of projects where the candidate will be incorporated are related with the analysis, assessment and modelling of geochemical processes in the water-rock interaction of natural systems and engineering barriers in the fields of radioactive waste storage and mining activities.

Requirements: Good knowledge in radioactive waste management and/or acid rock drainage management in mining environmental problems will be assessed. Minimum of 5 years experience required. Good English level required.

Send your detailed CV to: david.arcos@amphos21.com

 PhD student position in the chemical engineering department of Universitat Politecnica Catalunya (UPC) funded by the Ministerio Ciencia e Innovación (Spain)

The Universitat Politecnica Catalunya is offering a PhD student position during 4 years in the project entitled: Actinide and Fission Products Mobility in Natural Systems: Application of Microscopic and Spectrometric Techniques (MOMIES)

Contact: Prof. Joan de Pablo (joan.de.pablo@upc.edu)

 The University of Sheffield informs on the vacancy of a PDRA position in the Department of Materials at the Imperial College London.

Applications are invited for a Research Associate position that will investigate the mechanism of noble gas (He, Kr, Xe) accommodation, migration and accumulation in UO2 and ZrO2 based ceramics for inert matrix fuels and Pu disposition. The retention of these species is an important issue for the safe interim and long term storage of such materials.  A combination of advanced TEM, synchrotron spectroscopic, ex situ ion implantation techniques and materials simulation methods, will be employed to characterise and understand the role of dislocation loops, grain boundaries, voids/bubbles and metamictisation in facilitating the accommodation and diffusion of noble gas species. We will develop this approach to link our understanding of these processes at the nanoscale with macroscale behaviour such as volume swelling and cracking.

More Information >>

 PhD student position in Industrial Ecology, KTH

The school of Industrial Engineering and Management, KTH, invites applications for a PhD student position at the division of Industrial Ecology. Industrial Ecology is an expanding division, with an international atmosphere where you will have strong development opportunities. Education as well as research is focused on technology and sustainable development. You will participate in the research project “Äspö model for radionuclide sorption”, which is directed towards improving the quantitative understanding of radionuclide retention in geological media, through experimental and theoretical methods. The project is financed by SKB (Swedish Nuclear and Fuel Waste Management CO), and is intended to support their safety assessment regarding underground repositories for radioactive wastes.

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 PhD. or M.Sc. in chemistry, geochemistry or equivalent specialising in actinide (geo)chemistry.

Knowledge of thermodynamics of radionuclides, radioactive waste management and geochemical modelling will be an advantage. The main projects to develop are related to the chemical behaviour of radionuclides under repository conditions, sorption and precipitation processes affecting trace elements and different radioactive waste forms behaviour. Skills on Phreeqc and/or Fiteql will be positively valued. A good knowledge of English is required.

Send your detailed CV to mireia.grive@amphos21.com



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