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 The problem (Why recosy?) 

The project is based on problems identified within studies related to national nuclear waste disposal implementations programs.
Most national programs for the disposal of high-level radioactive waste are based on deep geologic disposal, where reducing conditions is a key feature for the safety function. The redox state in principle is a very well defined thermodynamic property; however, it is frequently found little shortcomings:

a) Different redox determination methods respond to different redox sensititve and redox determination components

b) There are different protocols at different laboratories for the application of redox electrodes

c) Calculation of redox states based on analytical  data of presumably coupled redox sensitive components suffer under uncertainty

d) In calculations based on analytical data it is unclear which components are in redox equilibrium

e) The timely response redox measurements depend on the kinetics of involved reactions and electrode surface properties.

f) The timely response to external changes of the redox conditions of near natural and real systems depends on the deviation from equilibration of the overall system.

Consequently, the modeling of the redox state of the system and the involved relevant radionuclides for its application in the safety analysis, especially over long time periods, remains vague, if not rudimentary.




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